We are well and truly in the season which presents the age old dilemma of how to look stylish and not freeze your tits off. We have done a deep dive into the Loan the Look collection, and narrowed it down to our three favourite trends to rent this winter; velvet, feathers and sequins.

Time and time again, we find ourselves pulling out velvet pieces from our treasure trove of outfits during appointments in the LTL studio, as it is such a quintessential winter fabric, that exudes luxury and comfort. It is truly the best fabric to keep you cosy, while also looking incredibly chic. Our top velvet picks for rental would be the Cypress / Pine / Climbing Aloe 

You really can’t go wrong adding a feather trim to your outfit in winter; it really puts such a fun spin on a winter look. You are sure to be ruler of the dance floor when spinning around in a feathery number - and who doesn’t want that?! The La Double J sets do a feather trim better than anyone, and this is a fact simply not up for debate. Our top picks to loan would be Bumble Bee / Queen Bee 

For the smarter events, long evening gowns are your best friend. Consider renting a luxurious full-length dress in deep jewel tones or classic black. Dark, rich colours add a touch of sophistication and warmth to your outfit. No designer gets the vibe for this dress code better than Galvan; our top picks to rent would be the Cactus / Jewel Aloe / Sunflower

The time is now to rent winter wedding outfits, and Loan the Look has the best curated collection to choose from. 

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