How does delivery work?

Your Loaned Look will arrive on day 1 of your rental. Though this is typically before 6PM, it can be as late as 8PM so we encourage you to Loan your Look from the day before you’re planning to wear it.

How much is delivery?

Standard Delivery & Return is £9.50

Studio Collection & Return (91 Nottingwood House W11 4JH, open 9-5.30pm Monday - Friday) FREE

When will my rental arrive?

We are women of our word. Your rental will arrive for the date you select when booking your item. Guaranteed. This is usually before 6PM but can be as late as 8PM.

If we break our promise, no matter the reason (flash flood, alien invasion, snow storm), you’ll get a refund - and an apology.

PS: We recommend you to book your delivery slot the day before you are planning to wear your look, as deliveries can be made morning or afternoon, and we believe getting dressed up should be stress free. 

What if my item doesn’t arrive on time?

Unlike other rental platforms in the UK, we centrally manage ALL our items so you can rely on us to get your item delivered to you on time.

If it doesn’t arrive on time we can offer you up to a full refund. Get in touch with

PS: We recommend you to book your delivery slot the day before you are planning to wear your look, as deliveries can be made morning or afternoon, and we believe getting dressed up should be stress free.

What happens if I’m not in to accept delivery?

It’s your responsibility to make sure you’re in to accept your rental.

What if I want to cancel my rental?

We get it, life happens. If you need to cancel your rental, get in touch with customer services and we'll see what we can sort out. 

Is there a late fee if I don’t return my order in time?

Yes, £20 per day. Please send garments back to us on time; someone else might have booked that piece for a special occasion and we need time to clean it.

How do I return my rental?

Just pop your rental back into the original packaging, attach the prepaid DPD postage label, and drop it off at your local DPD drop-off point. Easy as pie and certified hangover brain safe.

Can I rent outside the UK?

We’re only loaning in the UK right now.

We hope to go international one day but at the moment we’re managing all our stock with local dry cleaning and postal services.

Do I need to dry-clean my item before returning?

No - We’ll sort out all post-party dress care with our sustainable partners Oxwash.

So please, even if someone promises you the best idea is to pour white wine on your red wine stain – PLEASE leave it to the professionals.

Take a breath and remember that our insurance covers all minor wear and tear.


How long can I rent an item for?

Minimal rental period 4 days 

Maximum rental 10 days

If you would like to rent for longer, e-mail us at

What if I damage the item I am renting?

1. Minor damage includes minor stains and markings, damage to the hem, lost buttons, small rips or snags, missing beads, stuck zips 

2. If the dress is so badly damaged to the point where we need to reduce the price of the rental, e.g., badly ripped, or badly stained, we can charge up to £50 to cover the cost of fixing the garment, and to compensate for the price reduction

3. If the dress is completely trashed beyond repair, lost/stolen/never returned, we reserve the right to charge up to the RRP of the garment

What if the item I am renting is lost?

If you lose one of our garments, get in touch to let us know.

Unfortunately our insurance doesn’t cover loss, so we reserve the right to charge you up to the RRP of the garment.

Whose wardrobe am I renting from?

From us! Because our stock is all centrally managed by us, we can actually promise that the look you rent will arrive on time, clean and like new. So you don’t have to deal with any Depop drama.

What condition will the item arrive in?

As we centrally manage ALL our items, you can rely on us to get your item delivered to you in perfect condition every time. You might have had bad experiences with renting from a stranger’s wardrobe, but we’re a different kind of rental service and quality of service is our first principle.

Is insurance included in the rental price?

Yes, insurance for minor damage is included in the rental price. As is post-party sustainable dry cleaning.

Is dry-cleaning included in the rental price?

Answer...Yes! Dry-cleaning by our amazing sustainable partners at Oxwash is included in your rental price. Please leave it to the professionals - even if the dress is really stained. They are stain removal wizards, and we promise that your home cooked recipes will only make it worse.

Your best bet for the stain being covered by insurance is leaving it to us. 

Is renting actually sustainable?

Yes! Renting is much more sustainable than buying, especially with occasion wear. Increasing the amount of times a dress is worn, reducing waste and overconsumption.

When we set up Loan the Look, we were on a mission to preserve the best benefits of renting without the dirty secrets. You’ve probably heard the rumour that renting is not the green solution we’ve all imagined? It’s true that renting often entails high carbon transport for deliveries and polluting laundry practices, but not when you rent from us. 

We use a non-polluting, low impact dry-cleaning service (Oxwash) and compostable packaging.

What if the item doesn’t fit?

Oh no! Get in touch with customer service and we'll see what we can do to help!

Please, please measure yourself before renting one of our items. Every item comes with our personal size recommendations, so please read these. Remember that you can also come and try dresses on at our studio to ensure a perfect fit. We really want to find your ideal dress.

Can I buy it?

Biigg Paris Hilton Energy, but unfortunately not - we really do believe that beautiful dresses should get out and about as much as possible. While our dresses are in nearly-new condition, they are available to rent, not to buy.

We will add the option to buy in the near future!

Can I try it on?

If you’d like to try on any of our garments before you rent them, we’re more than happy to arrange that. Book a slot at our studio in West London to try on the dress of your dreams and a few others besides.

We can’t guarantee that every piece you want to try will be in the studio when you visit (they may have been taken out for the night) but we pride ourselves on giving great dress advice, and we’ll find you something that fits like a glove and makes you feel invincible.

Do you do gift cards?

Be your best friend’s fairy godmother and give them the gift of the perfect party dress. Choose the amount, add a message, and we’ll email them with their unique gift card to spend on whichever dress they choose.

(Particularly suited to that friend who struggles with impulse control and has an infinite appetite for new bits but no space in her closet. Making you a kind of Marie Kondo meets Stanley Tucci. Ideal.)

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